CASA to take over 110 Xenos shops from Blokker Holding

Introduction new retail formula CASA in the Netherlands


Amsterdam, 13th of March 2018 – CASA will take over approximately 110 Xenos shop locations from Blokker Holding. CASA is an international chain of home furnishing shops with 500 shops in eight European countries. The Xenos shops which will be taken over, will be adapted to the CASA formula in two phases. Before the end of the year, the first 50 CASA shops will be opened in the Netherlands. The other shops will follow before the summer of 2019. This way CASA, which is also property of the Blokker family, is offered an opportunity to further develop and enter the Dutch market. The circa 1,900 employees of the transferred Xenos shops will join the CASA formula. Once all shops are converted to the CASA formula, the Xenos distribution centre and head office in Waalwijk will be closed. The exploitation of the remaining Xenos shops (about 60) will be continued by the Blokker family, though no longer under the wings of the Blokker Holding. In the following months, the concrete implementation of the future Xenos formula will be determined. A slimmed down Xenos service centre will be established in a location yet to be determined. As a result of this transaction employment will be largely maintained; 180 of the current 2,930 Xenos employees will lose their job. Blokker Holding has agreed a severance plan with the trade organisations. This also creates a safety net for those colleagues who will unfortunately lose their jobs at the Xenos distribution centre and head office.

The transition of the Xenos shops and the closure of the distribution centre and head office in Waalwijk are subject to the advice of the central works council of Blokker Holding. The transaction is suspected to be finalized in May 2018. No further details will be disclosed on the financial aspects of the transaction.

CASA new in the Netherlands

By taking over about 110 Xenos shops, CASA is strengthening its position of inspiring home furnishing retail chain in Europe. The complementarity with the Dutch market, combined with the economies of scale for marketing, the delivery of goods from the central CASA distribution centre in Belgium and the advantages of CASA’s international purchasing network are important elements for a successful position of CASA on the Dutch market. The CASA shops is the Netherlands will be supplied by the high-tech distribution centre in Olen which was inaugurated in 2017.

Strategic reorientation of Blokker Holding

The transfer of the Xenos activities is in line with the strategic reorientation of Blokker Holding which was announced in May 2017. This implies that the concern is focussing on a healthy future for the Blokker retail chain and selling the remaining retail chains to other parties where they will receive the attention they need to remain relevant to customers and to grow.

“This transfer of activities fits within the announced Blokker Holding’s change of strategy. It will imply a new future for the about 110 Xenos shop locations as well as their employees. Though over 2,750 Xenos colleagues will be employed by CASA or the remaining Xenos shops, sadly enough we will need to say goodbye to about 180 employees of the Xenos head office and distribution centre. We understand that this is a difficult message for the employees who have always worked hard for Xenos and who will be leaving the company.”
Jeroen Visser CFO Blokker Holding
“We are very pleased to be able to launch our CASA formula on very good locations in the Netherlands together with the committed and professional employees of the 110 Xenos shops. This way we will be able to further roll out our renewed commercial strategy in Europe. With our new shop concept we are focussing on experience and inspiration through surprising collections. These will be offered to the Dutch customer at a fair price. The CASA Click & Collect concept will also immediately be introduced at the transformation of the shops.”
Giane Van Landuyt, CEO CASA:

Personnel consequences Xenos

Today the circa 2,930 Xenos employees in the Netherlands are informed about the consequences of the transfer. About 1,900 people will be transferred to the CASA formula and another 850 will keep working within the Xenos formula.

The activities of the Xenos head office and distribution centre in Waalwijk will be slimmed down gradually and expected is they will be terminated by the summer of 2019. This slimming down and eventual closure of the head office and distribution centre involves 180 jobs. The Xenos formula will continue to operate a service centre with adequate number of employees on a location yet to be determined. The logistic activities for Xenos will be outsourced. A number of employees will be employed at the CASA service centre in the Netherlands.


CASA is a modern international home furnishing retail chain, active in 8 European countries (Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Austria) with 500 shops, both branch and franchise. Moreover, CASA is active in Aruba and Morocco. The sense of creating a real home predominates at Casa. With a good quality range of decorative and functional interior articles CASA aims to make people enjoy life at home better. CASA offers affordable feel good products in the categories decoration, gifts, household textiles, kitchen accessories and indoor and outdoor furniture. The latest trends in interior design are closely followed, keeping the collection surprising and inspiring. CASA is focussing on a fresh and dynamic image, with attention for a changing seasonal offer. For more information: www.CASAshops.com


Xenos, a Blokker Holding retail company, is offering her customers a unique mixture of original and modern products for hobbies, parties, interior design, gifts, food and drinks, and this since 1973. The shops offer cosmopolitan, decorative and practical articles at surprisingly low prices. Some a little unconventional, other elegant or adventurous, but overall exceptionally pleasant. In the Netherlands, Xenos has 170 shops and employs about 2,930 people. In January 2018, in line with the strategic reorientation of the Blokker Holding parent group, the Xenos activities in Germany (83 Xenos shops) were sold to the German retail chain TEDi.