Ludo Bijvoet appointed Managing Director of Blokker B.V.


Amsterdam, 14 June 2018 ̶ Ludo Bijvoet will be appointed Managing Director of Blokker B.V. effective 1 July 2018. In this role he will manage the further transformation of Blokker and be responsible for executing the plans that will lead to a further improvement in revenue and margins.

In addition to the appointment of Ludo Bijvoet, Frank Cocx has been appointed Chief Financial Officer effective 1 July 2018. Frank Cocx (1981) announced in April of this year that he would be leaving Intertoys. He played a key role in recent years in elaborating and implementing the strategic plan and sale of Intertoys in his role as Chief Financial Officer. He previously held various positions at KPMG in the Netherlands and abroad.

Ludo Bijvoet is an experienced retailer who has been involved in executing the strategy Blokker Holding introduced in May 2017. With the support of the shareholders and the required financing, Ludo will be able to further carry out the plans for Blokker in an effective manner. While this will be a tough job, we are fully confident that Ludo will be able to build successfully on the cautious recovery that became visible at the end of 2017. We are also pleased to announce today the appointment of Frank Cocx as Chief Financial Officer. The appointments of Bijvoet and Cocx mean the Management Team of Blokker B.V. is once again complete.
Michiel Witteveen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and acting CEO of Blokker Holding

Bijvoet joined Blokker Holding in May 2017 where he was involved in the processes of selling Intertoys and Xenos. Following the finalisation of the sale of Xenos, he was appointed Managing Director of Xenos. Linda Keijzer will succeed him in this position. Prior to joining Blokker Holding, Bijvoet held management positions at companies including Bakkersland Group and the former Vendex KBB.

Bijvoet (1961) is succeeding Casper Meijer at Blokker B.V. who announced earlier that he would step down on 30 June 2018. The appointment of Ludo Bijvoet has been submitted to the Blokker Works Council for advice.